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7th Anniversary Tsunami Memorial Day Light Up Phuket 2011

On 26th December, 2011 at 6.45 pm. Mr.Paiboon Upatising, the President of Phuket Provincial Admninistrative Organization (PPAO), as the reporter in the opening ceremony of the Light Up Phuket 2011. Mr.Tri Akaradecha as the chairman of this ceremony at Loma park(Patong Beach), Kathu, Phuket. There were PPAO executive, PPAO staff, Thai people and foreigners attended this ceremony.

Mr.Paiboon said, In this year was 7th anniversary of Tsunami Memorial Day that Phuket and other Andaman provinces were seriously affected by the tidal tsunami on December 26th 2004. However, with the assistance from many countries, Phuket and those provinces’ tourism could recover in the short time. Everybody affected by the tsunami was appreciated every assistance that they had got. Even it was a long time after the event, Phuket still do many things to ensure the tourists and residents that the island is ready to deal with such disaster Beside, Mr.Tri said, It is well known that such an event has caused the loss of invaluable. Either economic aspects of life, property and natural resources of the sea and the beautiful beaches along the Andaman Sea.

The Most important, the events of those times had still leaving a trail of losses and shocked feeling of the surviving victims which are difficult to forget. However, from a loss that day had made one thing we can see is kindness of the Thai people and from people around the world without regard to race, religion or language. The power of the spirit of these had created an impressive forever. However, I would like the public and private agencies worked together to prevent with early warning, surveillance and training is always the situation. And helped revive the economy to stronger sustained, create confidence for tourists who want to visit Phuket in every season. And finally, thanks to all participants, thanks organizations both public and private who cooperation work well done. And I believes that this cooperation will be always and forever. Mr.Tri said. For the event, there were Thai music play, Thai Performances of "The Petra Kabang", Thai Performances of "Ramayana", prayed for people who attended the ceremony by Pastor Brian Burton with standing quietly, wreaths laid and candles lit along the Patong beach front.

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