Missions and Roles

The OSM’s roles main are coordinate and integrate. There is no authority for the administration of the law of government regulations or other laws. The OSM’s roles are below:

1. Be a host of coordination to associate and driven Strategy & Development plan of province. As well as transfer target on provincial group level to the provincial level.
2. Integration Plan, Project and Budget of the provincial group level.
3. The performance measure management.
4. Promote communication, the exchange of knowledge, experiences on finding a strategy into action.
5. To develop The involved processing of people within the province

The Mission functions of OSM

1. Secretarial work of executive committee of the province integrated
2. Study & analysis and development plan for the province. Coordinate a strategic to any level. Integration of plans and budgets, and be a central strategy of the province.
3. Monitor of operations for provincial strategy and report to executive Committee of the province integrated.
4. Coordination between the provinces within the province including ministries, departments which involved on the integrated development plan for the province. Support and push the strategic transformation into action, and monitor of operations for the provincial strategy.
5. Arrange a meeting to do preparation for development plan the province. Including promotion a meeting to receive comments from all sectors on issues related to the development of the province.
6. Distributing information and public relations. Knowledge and information of the province.
7. Perform other tasks.

The Division of Labor Inside OSM is Consistent With The Role of The Bureau

The ivision of labor inside OSM are consistent with the role of the Bureau. The division of labor inside: General Administration Department, Strategic Development Group, and Monitoring & Evaluation Group as follows.

1. General Administration Department is responsible on administration within Office of the Strategy which concern to Correspondence work, Human Resources, Finance and Procurement, The Secretary and Meeting, Dissemination of Public Information, and knowledge sharing within the province.

2. Strategic Development Group is responsible for study analysis and suggestions in the preparation and development of the province, preparation the budget, plan, provincial projects, database development of the province and provide feedback and participation of civil society organizations to develop plans for the province.

3. The monitoring and evaluation is responsible for monitoring and evaluating implementation of the provincial development plan. Monitor of budget expenditures according to the contract, and make recommendations to resolve problems in the implementation of the planned development of the province.

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